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Willmott Dixon Developing Leaders

Willmott Dixon Developing Leaders


FREE for the attendees of the event with the code that you've been emailed. If you were not an attendee but would like to receive this item, please email


How to future proof your leadership? asks Willmott Dixon in this amazing event. 


And they asked me about the workforce in training. How to retain the workforce and attract young talent most sectors ask. 


I provide more questions than answers, as usual.


In this pack of slides, you will get a taste of the state of affairs and wounds in the academia as reflective of the worlds we've built.


What is the hidden curriculum of formal education? What skills do we teach our young people? What skills do we make them unlearn?


And here I suggest, yet again, let's go back to basics: learn thyself, learn to learn, ask questions, overall develop technologies of self especially the affective & the embodied self, knowing deep inside that you're the winner combination of a sperm and an egg. 


Future Proofing yourself starts NOW, here, with you acquiring a full sence of agency, as the building block of both the future & the larger society. 

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