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Coaching - Training - Consultancy

Uniqorn Academy solves emerging skills & wellbeing problems using an integrative and relational approach.

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Most popular workshops & trainings

  • Analog Solutions to Digital Work / Teaching & Learning (uCorp & uAcademia)

  • Online community building (uCorp & uAcademia)

  • Social and embodied management of Hybrid Work Environments (including digital fatigue, sensory relief for online working options, etc.) (uCorp & uAcademia)


  • Postgraduate & Early Career Skills & Wellbeing (uAcademia & uCoaching)

  • Career change in times of Great Resignation (uCoaching)

  • Solopreneur empowerment package (uCoaching)

  • Academia to Elsewhere (min 12 weeks mentoring, with an option to combine with entrepreneurial empowerment package) (uCoaching)

  • Signature WORKSHOPS combining creativity & wellbeing tools. Experience a therapeutic effect while learning new skills

Sense Well - Sensory & creativity

Write the .hit out of your baggage - Release and transform unpleasant & traumatic events

Should I stay or Should I Go? - Career change clarity & management

Write your own Affirmations - Combining creative writing with a brain hacking technique to overcome professional & personal blockages


About Dr Nese Ceren Tosun

Dr Nese Ceren Tosun founded Uniqorn Academy after fifteen years of interdisciplinary research, award-winning teaching, public engagement, impact and consultancy practice within and outside academia. Over the years, she complemented her academic work with coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, laughter yoga, breathwork and other somatic trainings and practices. 

An auto-didact, polymath, post-academic, Nichiren Buddhist, Soka Educator, dreamer, grounded problem solver, paradox lover, she lives with her plants in London.

Mission Statement

Dr Tosun believes in and works for the expansion of learning, self & professional development provisions that come with creativity, humitas (humour + gravitas) & grace, instead of pain and performance anxiety. Her practice is based on the understanding that skills & wellbeing and the individual & the environment are inseparable. Central to her design of products, educational material, talks & lectures, and coaching practice is this #uniqornway approach, that is relational and integrative.


uniqorn  \ ˈyü-nə-ˌkȯrn \ 
-inspired by but not to be confused with unicorn

noun. A creature, mostly in human form that loves learning, exploring and acquiring skills playfully and is aware of their own unique resources, capacities and wellbeing needs. 
verb. to uniqorn To engage with worldly activities and with other creatures in a playful, joyous, conducive to wellness manner. 

noun & adverb. uniqornway Doing things with a sparkle of joy, magic, creativity and a feeling of lightness; to play seriously, to cry joyously, to work playfully are all activities done uniqornway. 


Uniqorn Academy provides bespoke  trainings & workshop programs, customizing its research-based content & award winning delivery methods for your needs and priorities. Whether it is one-to-one coaching & mentoring or group training, you are guaranteed to be given a finely tuned solution that is unique to your circumstances, applicable & sustainable. 

Book an exploration call with us to discuss your options about: 

  • Workplace skills & wellbeing

  • Academic skills & wellbeing

  • Corporate retreat design

  • Team building, staff away day & creative wellbeing activities



Thanks for uniqorning!

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