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Uniqorn Academy

Coaching - Training - Consultancy


Uniqorn Academy solves emerging skills & wellbeing problems using an integrative and relational approach.

Your new life begins here. Uniqorn Academy is here to provide you with the personal and professional support & tools you need in order to bring change. Learn more by exploring the site and reach the pinnacle of success, without compromising on your joy & wellbeing.​


How would you like to uniqorn today?


1-2-1 & Group Coaching for you to unlock your potential, overcome a specific challenge or to gain clarity when you don't know where to start. 


Latest research-based skills & wellbeing to inspired Uniqornway trainings, you are guaranteed actionable takeaways without compromising on fun.


*Select Customers Only*

In depth skills & wellbeing analysis, customized executive & team trainings & sustainability check 

Most popular workshops & trainings

  • Analog Solutions to Digital Work / Teaching & Learning (uCorp & uAcademia)

  • Online community building (uCorp & uAcademia)

  • Social and embodied management of Hybrid Work Environments (including digital fatigue, sensory relief for online working options, etc.) (uCorp & uAcademia)


  • Postgraduate & Early Career Skills & Wellbeing (uAcademia & uCoaching)

  • Career change in times of Great Resignation (uCoaching)

  • Solopreneur empowerment package (uCoaching)

  • Academia to Elsewhere (min 12 weeks mentoring, with an option to combine with entrepreneurial empowerment package) (uCoaching)

  • Signature WORKSHOPS combining creativity & wellbeing tools. Experience a therapeutic effect while learning new skills

Sense Well - Sensory & creativity

Write the .hit out of your baggage - Release and transform unpleasant & traumatic events

Should I stay or Should I Go? - Career change clarity & management

Write your own Affirmations - Combining creative writing with a brain hacking technique to overcome professional & personal blockages




Uniqorn Academy provides bespoke  trainings & workshop programs, customizing its research-based content & award winning delivery methods for your needs and priorities. Whether it is one-to-one coaching & mentoring or group training, you are guaranteed to be given a finely tuned solution that is unique to your circumstances, applicable & sustainable. 

Book an exploration call with us to discuss your options about: 

  • Workplace skills & wellbeing

  • Academic skills & wellbeing

  • Corporate retreat design

  • Team building, staff away day & creative wellbeing activities


Selected Clients and Partners

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